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2022 Season

Revisit our full list of 2022 performances


American Son - February 2022


Kendra Ellis-Connor - Olivia Queener

Scott Connor - Brian Westerley

Officer Paul Larkin - Michael Porter

Officer John Stokes - Mark Dillard


Director - Jared Sparks

Stage Manager - Sloan Kyler

Scenic Designer - Linda Alexander-Radak

Falsettos - April 2022


Director - Jared Sparks

Musical Director - Holly Roby

Stage Manager - Ginette Jaramillo

Scenic Designer - Linda Alexander-Radak


Marvin - Sheldon Markel

Whizzer - Trenton Eaves

Trina - Tara Corkery

Jason - Chase Oberhaus

Mendel - Jared McGrath

Cordelia - Alison Matas Smith

Dr. Charlotte - Morgan Brown


Sister Act Jr. - May 2022


Deloris Van Cartier - Gabrielle Lombardi

Tina/Sister Mary Katherine - Abigail Williams 

Nina/Sister Mary Rose - Sadie Whitehill

Elle/Sister Mary Carol - Kora Krzynowek

Michelle/Sister Mary Claire - Rion Rembert 

Curtis - Azzy Beltz

Joey/Monsignor O’Hara - Parker Bookman

TJ/Altar Boy - Daniel Patron 

Pablo - Declan Carr 

Ernie/Alter Boy - Oliver Steadman 

Cop/Sister Mary Mollie - Hilty Deuble

Officer Eddie Souther - Cole Miller

Mother Superior - Campbell Haupt 

Sister Mary Patrick - Athena Paxos 

Sister Mary Robert - Alyssa Morman 

Sister Mary Lazarus - Lily Warner 

Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours - Stella Paxos 

Sister Mary Celeste - Mia Patron 

Sister Mary Irene - Zoey Kandel

Sister Mary Stephen - Sophia Thomas 

Sister Mary Theresa - Riley Kandel

Sister Mary Lily/Ensemble - Allie Kracker 

Sister Mary Katery/Ensemble - Avery Dempsey 

Sister Mary June/Ensemble - Cadence Hale

Sister Mary Jane/Ensemble - Emily Kracker 

Sister Mary Margaret/Ensemble - Kennedy Wenzel

Sister Mary Percy/Ensemble - Khya Maurer 

Sister Mary Grace/Newscaster/Ensemble - Lilyana Beall

Sister Mary Elizabeth/Ensemble - Madison Giltz

Sister Mary Anne/Ensemble - Malia Hardy

Sister Mary April/Ensemble - Sophia Cervellino


Director -David Lee

Musical Director - Jared Sparks

Choreographer - Sarah Jane Toy

Stage Manager - Kaylene Williams

Assistant Stage Manager - Ginette Jaramillo

Costume Designer - Michele McNeal

Scenic Designer - Linda Alexander-Radak

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