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2018 Season

Revisit our full list of 2018 performances

Last Five Years.jpg

The Last Five Years - January 2018


Jamie Wellerstein - Brian Hirsch

Cathy Wyatt - Brooke Lytton


Director/Musical Director - Jared Sparks

Stage Manager - Brad Vincent

Pianist - Brent Schloneger

Dressers: Cassie Brode and

Jonathan Merechant

Scenic Designer - Jared Sparks

The Vagina Monologues - March 2018


Director - Katie Wells

Stage Manager - Joe Soriano

Costume Designer - Katie Wells

Scenic Designer - Katie Wells and Cast


Alyssa Crowley

Catherine Csanyi

Annette Daniels

Kat Kellie

Meghan Voina

Katie Wells

Morgan Williams

Vagina Monologues.jpg
Straight White Men.jpg

Straight White Men - May 2018


Ed - Chris Cipa

Jake - Brett Voina

Drew - Mike Burke

Matt - Patrick Downing


Katie Wells, Meghan Voina

and Sarah Jane Spies


Director - David Lee

Stage Manager - Tawny Burkhart

Lighting Designer - Jared Sparks

Sound Designer - David Lee

Scenic Designer - David Lee

The Laramie Project - July 2018


Director - Jared Sparks

Stage Manager - Jake Sustersic

Costume Designer - Stephen Ostertag

Lighting Designer - Jared Sparks

Sound Designer - Jared Sparks

Scenic Designer - Chelby Benson


Actor #1: Brad Vincent

Actor #2: Catherine Csanyi

Actor #3: Channon Booth

Actor #4: Stephen Ostertag

Actor #5: Brett Voina

Actor #6: Manuel Halkias

Actor #7: Cassie Brode

Actor #8: Tara Corkery

The Laramie Project.jpg
August_ Osage County.jpeg

August: Osage County - August 2018


Beverly Weston - Ed Meunier

Violet Weston - Linda Alexander-Radak

Barbara Fordham - Christine Wright

Ivy Weston - Katie Wells

Karen Weson - Andrea Disch

Bill Fordham - Joe Soriano

Jean Fordham - KateLynn Calabretta

Steve Heidebrect - Isaac Brenneman

Mattie Fae Aiken - Bridget Bazzinotti

Charles Aiken - Robert Fockler

‘Little Charles’ Aiken - Brett Voina

Johnna Montevata - Courtney Burton

Sheriff Deon Gilbeau - Ryan Siggelkow


Director - David Lee

Stage Manager - Ginette Jaramillo

Lighting Designer - Jared Sparks

Sound Designer - David Lee

Scenic Designer - David Lee

For Colored Girls… - September 2018


Director - Maya Nicholson

Stage Manager - Breanna Morton

Choreographer - Kimberly Phillips

Costume Designer - Katie Connair

Lighting Designer - Ryan Lucas

Sound Designer - Ryan Lucas


Lady in Red - Stacie Morgan

Lady in Orange - Diamond Martin-Pegues

Lady in Yellow - Atoiya Williams

Lady in Green - Fathiyyah Black

Lady in Blue - Tehilah Caviness

Lady in Purple - Russelle Pratt

Lady in Brown - Delores McLeod

For Colored Girls.jpg
And Then There Were None.jpg

Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None - October 2018


Vera Claythorne - Alyssa Crowley

Phillip Lombard - Brett Voina

Dr. Edward Armstrong - Isaac Brenneman

William Blore - Steve Boardman

Emily Brent - Denise Young-Robb

Judge L.J. Wargrave - Michele McNeal

Thomas Rogers - Brad Vincent

Ethel Roger - Cait McNeal

General MacKenzie - Manuel Halkias

Anthony Marsten - Keenan Carosielli

Naracott - Lacy Sexton


Director - Joe Soriano

Stage Manager - Sloan Kyler

Costume Designer - Katie Wells

Lighting Designer - Jared Sparks

Scenic Designer - Joe Soriano

It’s A Wonderful Life - December 2018



Director - Julie Connair

Stage Manager - Mark Dillard

Costume Designer - Katie Connair

Lighting Designer - Jared Sparks

Sound Designer - Julie Connair

Scenic Designer - Linda Alexander-Radak


George Bailey - Joe Soriano

Clarence Odbody - Manuel Halkias

Mr. Gower - Kirk Hufhand

Young George - Cooper Reed

Harry Bailey/

Sam Wainright/

Mr. Welch - Keenan Carosielli

Mother Bailey - Cheryl Foutz

Aunt Tilly - Rene Perez

Violet Peterson - Sherin Thurman

Bert - AJ Walker

Ernie - Austin Durant

Uncle Billy - Brad Vincent

Mary (Hatch) Bailey - Katie Wells

Henry F. Potter - Ed Meunier


Mrs. Hatch/Secretary - Laurel Francheskan

Miss Andrews - Allison Troyer

Mrs. Thompson - Linda Alexander-Radak

Mr. Martini - Aden Graves

Mrs. Martini - Madison Witte

Miss Carter - Jessica Graves

Newspaper Boy - Adrian Hudson

Pete Bailey - Zach Graves

Tommy Bailey - Sullivan Diss

Zuzu Bailey - Lydia Holzapfel 

Janie Bailey - Anna McClure

It's a Wonderful Life.jpg
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